Over the weekend, Res Publica helped more than 12,000 Mudders get down and dirty at the latest Tough Mudder event in Glenworth Valley, on NSW’s Central Coast. Tough Mudder is an 18km mud and obstacle course designed to drag brave participants out of their comfort zones and test their mental and physical stamina while neck-deep in mud. As well as this full-length course, the weekend offered Mudders the new format of the Tough Mudder Half which is the first time the event has taken place in Australia. Still tough and challenging, yet half the distance of the full course, the event excluded the more extreme elements such as ice and electricity.

To announce the arrival of Tough Mudder Half, the Bachelorette’s Sasha Mielczarek came on board to encourage Aussies from all athletic backgrounds and abilities to take up the challenge and commit to a new obstacle never seen before in Sydney, such as the ‘The Block Ness Monster’.

Tough Mudder is not a race, but a challenge that emphasises teamwork and camaraderie above all else. The events this weekend saw Mudders from all walks of life band together and accomplish something they never thought possible. One inspirational Mudder was Robin Braidwood who suffers from the degenerative condition retinitis pigmentosa and suddenly lost his sight ten years ago. After a gruelling five hour slog through the course, he finished to rapturous applause from other Mudders and spectators at the finish line.

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