Res Publica wins Consumer Marketing award

The Res Publica team was thrilled to take home the hotly contested award for the best Consumer Marketing campaign at the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s (PRIA) NSW State Awards for Excellence for 2015.

The winning campaign “From Floraville to the Nation” was for cholesterol lowering spread Flora pro-activ. The job to be done was to convince people who know they have raised cholesterol to start buying Flora pro-activ. However, the product had been in the market for years, with no ‘new news’ about its health benefits. We couldn’t just sell Flora pro-activ, rather, a chance for improved heart health – we would show Australians that Flora pro-activ really has worked for real people. So we took Flora to Floraville, and challenged a whole town to lower their cholesterol in just three weeks.

Followed from start to finish by A Current Affair, the journey of Floraville residents to better heart health was genuine and inspiring and the results once the story had aired were instant – an immediate uplift in supermarket sales and increase in branded searches – proving that PR can be a driving force in generating both consumer awareness and sales results.

This model has been, and still continues to be, incorporated in a number of countries around the world.

Learn more about the campaign here

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