Priceline Pharmacy celebrates the Beauty of Health

Priceline Pharmacy are putting health and wellbeing into focus throughout October and November with a campaign entitled ‘The Beauty of Health’ and the launch of the ‘Health Tracker’; an innovative online survey which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Australian women.

The Health Tracker examines health statistics such as blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol levels as well as assessing lifestyle, emotional and social behaviours. Upon completion, participants are given a health score that benchmarks them against others in their age group and the added opportunity to follow one of four 12-week health programs, with the aim of improving their health.

To celebrate the launch of the Health Tracker we hosted a beautiful lunch for over 30 health, beauty and lifestyle media and bloggers at Chiswick, Woollahra.

Special guests, Dr John D’Arcy, Lindy Klim and Bianca Cheah formed an expert panel, talking through the main findings of the Health Tracker as well as their own health scores and experiences with the healthy programs on offer.

At the event, Priceline Pharmacists were also on hand to facilitate health checks for all guests and Priceline Pharmacy’s Buying Managers shared an informative presentation about the latest seasonal trends, bestsellers and product innovations.

Curious about what your health score might be? Click here to take part in the Health Tracker.

Photography: DL Photography

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