Real fruit pieces went flying across Sydney’s Wynyard Park when the Streets Fruttare Samurai showed off his swordsmanship by slicing and dicing a fruit medley thrown to him by members of the public. People in the CBD were invited to enter the Fruttare Fruit Patch and test the Fruttare Samurai’s slicing skills by throwing bananas, strawberries and mangoes (but not coconuts for safety reasons!) toward him – the fruit representing each of the four Fruttare flavours. The Fruttare Samurai also paid a visit to the Today show to have a slice-off with Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson. The Fruttare truck which has been touring NSW over the summer, and spreading the taste of refreshing real fruit goodness, was on site and stocked full with plenty of Fruttare – the frozen smoothie on a stick blended with real fruit pieces. These were handed out to commuters to enjoy, making their return to work a little easier!

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