To get the new financial year off to a better start, personal finance firm Eqeus wanted to inspire Australians to take control of their finances by highlighting some of the concerns we experience when it comes to money.

A nationwide study conducted in partnership with Galaxy Research was used to uncover the reasons why people feel their finances are unmanageable and the implications this has on their health, relationships, economic stability and future retirement plans.

The study revealed the majority of Australians feel stressed about money, with 73 percent of the country claiming they are anxious about their current financial situation and nearly half (43 percent) admitted they find it uncomfortable to even talk about money.

With a growing number of people of all ages unsure where to start or who to turn to for financial advice, the team at Uprovided an essential guide to setting goals and planning for the future.

The story amassed extensive coverage resulting in 96 editorial pieces across radio, metro and regional print and online, financial trade, lifestyle media and social media reaching nearly 17 million people.

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