With the property market softening in many parts of Australia and fairy tales of knock downs reaching well above the reserve now a rarity, there has never been a better time to ensure home owners have a well presented property to ensure they get the very best price for their property.

For Hire a Hubby, Australia’s largest handyman franchise, more and more Hubbies are now playing a critical role in helping home owners present a house that’s inviting from the street right through to the back fence.

Rob Watson, Hire a Hubby from Sydney’s Gymea said ‘prep for sale’ is now a crucial part of his business:

“Initially we were getting called in to make some important repairs and spruce up the house with high pressure cleaning but we now find ourselves completing larger scale renovations that ensure the house is absolutely looking ship shape by the time it goes on the market.”

Rob recently completed work on a rental property in Grays Point that had seen better days. Touch-ups included repairs to walls, kitchens and windows, replacing carpets and rotted decking, and installing a backyard water feature.

The customer spent $18,000 on the renovations, with the property selling before auction at $130,000 higher than the initial appraisal estimated.

A recent survey revealed at least 40% of Australians have gone through the process of preparing their house for sale. Of those who sold their homes, 67% increased their overall property value through this prep work.

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