Aussie beer drinkers are becoming increasingly more discerning, and are expanding their tastes and appreciation for different styles of beer. But there is still a lot that people don’t know about beer.

So in celebration of this year’s annual hop harvest in March, we took media on a journey of beer appreciation through the art of beer and food matching – with a nod to the humble hop, beer’s most understated natural ingredient.

To help get consumers thinking about beer in a new way and grow their passion for beer, we executed a PR strategy that included two media events and an additional influencer outreach; using the hop harvest as a natural time for us to talk about beer.

We hosted two intimate beer degustation dinners for fifty key food, lifestyle and beer media at Chiswick in Sydney and Circa in Melbourne. We worked with the leading chefs at each restaurant to create a bespoke menu which featured a number of hop infused dishes including hop cured ocean trout, hop roasted pork belly and Feral Hop Hog ice-cream. Each course was matched to a selection of two hoppy beers which had been carefully chosen by Lion’s Master Brewer Peter David.

Each dinner was co-hosted by David and The Beer Pilgrim who shared video content from his latest journey which took him to Tasmania during the Hop Harvest. Tasting sessions throughout the night were led by Peter David where he discussed the style of each beer and the benefits of pairing food with beer. This resulted in a raft of media coverage across national lifestyle sites, news and consumer print publications, food blogs and great uptake on social media.

Photography: DL Photography (Sydney) and Rob Daniel (Melbourne)

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