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Over the weekend, Res Publica helped more than 12,000 Mudders get down and dirty at the latest Tough Mudder event in Glenworth Valley, on NSW’s Central Coast. Tough Mudder is an 18km mud and obstacle course designed to drag brave participants out of their comfort zones and test their mental and physical stamina while neck-deep in mud. As well as this full-length course, the weekend offered Mudders the new format of the Tough Mudder Half which is the first time the event has taken place in Australia. Still tough and challenging, yet half the distance of the full course, the event excluded the more extreme elements such as ice and electricity. 

To announce the arrival of Tough Mudder Half, the Bachelorette’s Sasha Mielczarek came on board to encourage Aussies from all athletic backgrounds and abilities to take up the challenge and commit to a new obstacle never seen before in Sydney, such as the ‘The Block Ness Monster’.


Tough Mudder is not a race, but a challenge that emphasises teamwork and camaraderie above all else. The events this weekend saw Mudders from all walks of life band together and accomplish something they never thought possible. One inspirational Mudder was Robin Braidwood who suffers from the degenerative condition retinitis pigmentosa and suddenly lost his sight ten years ago. After a gruelling five hour slog through the course, he finished to rapturous applause from other Mudders and spectators at the finish line.


White Rabbit

Happily nestled into their new home in Geelong, the team at White Rabbit have been busy developing White Rabbit RED, the first beer to come from their speciality Barrel Hall program.

White Rabbit RED is ‘barrel aged’ which means it’s a subtle blend of two beers; the first is a wild fermented brew aged in wooden oak barrels, allowing it to take on a depth of flavours. A portion of this is then blended back into a fresh, younger beer – the end result is a refreshing combination of tart cherry and red-wine like complexities. With its innovative style and ingredients, White Rabbit RED perfectly embodies the brewery’s philosophy of “Fermentation with Imagination”. White Rabbit Red Ale is only available on tap in select venues throughout Victoria and from the White Rabbit Brewery in Geelong.

To celebrate the launch of White Rabbit RED and increase awareness of the newly opened White Rabbit brewery, bespoke media kits were delivered to a range of local Geelong and national media. The campaign resulted in a combined reach of over 1.4 million across online outlets and social media channels.


Hire a Hubby
With the property market softening in many parts of Australia and fairy tales of knock downs reaching well above the reserve now a rarity, there has never been a better time to ensure home owners have a well presented property to ensure they get the very best price for their property. For Hire a Hubby, Australia’s largest handyman franchise, more and more Hubbies are now playing a critical role in helping home owners present a house that’s inviting from the street right through to the back fence. Rob Watson, Hire a Hubby from Sydney’s Gymea said ‘prep for sale’ is now a crucial part of his business:

“Initially we were getting called in to make some important repairs and spruce up the house with high pressure cleaning but we now find ourselves completing larger scale renovations that ensure the house is absolutely looking ship shape by the time it goes on the market.”

Rob recently completed work on a rental property in Grays Point that had seen better days. Touch-ups included repairs to walls, kitchens and windows, replacing carpets and rotted decking, and installing a backyard water feature. The customer spent $18,000 on the renovations, with the property selling before auction at $130,000 higher than the initial appraisal estimated. A recent survey revealed at least 40% of Australians have gone through the process of preparing their house for sale. Of those who sold their homes, 67% increased their overall property value through this prep work.  

James Squire
On Thursday 4 February, the legendary tale of Australia’s first brewer, James Squire, was revealed as the world’s first ‘Edible Biography’- a one of a kind feast held at the Cell Block Theatre, in the former Darlinghurst Gaol. The Edible Biography took guests on a multi-sensory journey unlike any other seen on our shores. A seven course feast designed by Bompas and Parr studio from London and delivered by ARIA Catering, was interspersed with dramatic elements which drew inspiration from James Squire’s true story. The menu referred back to 18th century traditional fare, presented with a contemporary edge. For many, the highlights of the night were the live re-enactment of the story behind the popular One Fifty Lashes, the Deconstructed Beer Wellington served with Nine Tales Amber Ale and a funeral procession delivering a coffin full of cheese paired with Orchard Crush Apple Cider. Beers from the James Squire portfolio were perfectly matched to each course and served either straight up, or with a twist as a beer cocktail, illustrating how the range caters for a variety of Aussie tastes. Guests were thrilled to learn about Squire’s amazing transition from criminal, to beer craftsman, to national legend – and experience firsthand how James led his incredible life full of thievery, mystery and above all, flavour. The event was attended by over 70 guests including leading lifestyle media, food bloggers and influencers. To see more for yourself check out #ediblebiography.


Global consumption of non/low alcohol beer has soared to record highs with the segment increasing by 34% in the past five years. The nation’s leading brewer, Lion, launched new Hahn Ultra to meet the growing interest from Aussies. At 0.9% ABV, Hahn Ultra is very low in alcohol yet crafted to offer the full flavoured beer taste that Aussies love. Res Publica developed a strategic communications plan to introduce Hahn Ultra to media and consumers, and re-engaged with members of the Lion Advisory Panel for the campaign launch. Ben Slocombe, Marketing Director for Lion said that in Australia, consumption of low alcohol beer has remained low by comparison and the understanding of its benefits has been limited, but we are beginning to see this evolve in line with consumers’ overall focus on wellbeing. “We believe Hahn Ultra is going to bring new interest to the low alcohol category. We are offering more choice to people who are looking to moderate their alcohol consumption, but still want to connect socially and enjoy a great tasting beer.” The PR launch has sparked nationwide media conversations around the non/low alcohol segment and how new Hahn Ultra is going to shake up the current market offering. B-Roll.00_00_39_18.Still004 HU_0116001_CBD_01_V1

Real fruit pieces went flying across Sydney’s Wynyard Park when the Streets Fruttare Samurai showed off his swordsmanship by slicing and dicing a fruit medley thrown to him by members of the public. People in the CBD were invited to enter the Fruttare Fruit Patch and test the Fruttare Samurai’s slicing skills by throwing bananas, strawberries and mangoes (but not coconuts for safety reasons!) toward him – the fruit representing each of the four Fruttare flavours. The Fruttare Samurai also paid a visit to the Today show to have a slice-off with Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson. The Fruttare truck which has been touring NSW over the summer, and spreading the taste of refreshing real fruit goodness, was on site and stocked full with plenty of Fruttare – the frozen smoothie on a stick blended with real fruit pieces. These were handed out to commuters to enjoy, making their return to work a little easier!


White Rabbit
White Rabbit has officially opened the doors to its new Brewery and Barrel Hall, located in the heart of the Little Creatures Brewery Village in Geelong. With demand for White Rabbit beers increasing and limited space available, the Brewery made the decision to pack its bags once more and relocate from its previous home in Healesville, bringing with it the original Little Creatures brewing gear. The new home now features a Barrel Hall that will enable the brewing team at White Rabbit to further explore its ethos of “Fermentation with Imagination” and introduce a range of beers made with the aid of barrel ageing and blending. The Brewery launch was attended by over 150 guests, who enjoyed tunes from local legend DJ Vince Peach, as they mingled over great beer and food, with the fantastic backdrop of the brewery and Barrel Hall. The White Rabbit team served up a wonderful selection of food highlighting what will be on offer – locally sourced hand cut meats, local olives, cheese, yummy sweets and of course, guests were able to taste the full range of White Rabbit beers including the new Red Ale (soon to be released) and a couple of other surprise brews only available at the brewery in Geelong. The brewery was officially opened by Jeremy Halse, Head Brewer, who ‘cracked a firkin’ at the bar. Charmed with the perfect pairing of old-fashioned brewing practices and forward thinking, White Rabbit’s new home in Geelong showcases a new world of brewing. Be sure to check it out if you are ever in the area!